Saturday, August 20, 2011

First BnR on ETSY!

knottysleeves dreadlock cuff
Simply Dreadlocks Team BnR on Etsy

Well yesterday began the first Simply Dreadlocks team BnR. For those unfamiliar, BnR means buy and replace.

It is a marketing tool used on Etsy to promote each others' businesses. This is the very first one I am participating in and it is using the team members from the Simply Dreadlocks team on Etsy.
Vitalgoods dreadlock shampoo

This has proven to be a great bunch of artisans who make all types of dreadlock and hair related items, from natural shampoos from Vitalgoods to beautiful peyote stitch dread sleeves from Knottysleeves and of course, lovely dread jewels from LocLava.

knottymama handmade cedar wood bead
I might have to get one of these beautiful handmade cedar dreadlock beads made by knottymama.

hair jewelry by loclava

Support your local handmade business.Together we can make things better.

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